The Truth For Today

Listen to God speak to you directly and personally through the letters of the New Testament. This is the Word of God addressed to you today for your life today! The content is that of the original epistles as God the Father describes the ministry of His Son and all that he has accomplished for those who believe in Him, and encourages you with Holy Spirit writings of His apostles. The scriptures can come alive for you in a new way!

"This book is not scripture but is based totally on the letters of the New Testament," writes Colin Urquhart. "It is not intended to replace these letters in the form handed down to us through the centuries. Here these letters have been put into a personalised form, as God speaking personally to one of His children. This is a method of using the scriptures that I have used for many years, with great personal benefit, and has been much appreciated by others to whom I have introduced this too."

The Truth For Today as Revealed in the Letters of The New Testament is available to purchase as a hard copy or as a digital download from Amazon Kindle in its entirety or in separate sections.

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