About the Truth

"The task of producing another English version of the New Testament", writes Colin Urquhart "is not something I would have undertaken without a keen sense from the Holy Spirit that this was what God wanted me to do. Certainly, I have never had any personal desire for such a task. It has proved to be a very rewarding experience for me personally. Having been a preacher and teacher of God's Word for over 45 years I have a great love for the scriptures and I have been devoted to bring understanding of its significance for modern living to people in over 40 nations, where I have had the privilege of ministering in the name of Jesus Christ.

"As someone who has been interpreted into several languages I am familiar with the process of translating the meaning of the truth from one language to another. I have been blessed with many wonderful interpreters over the years. They have impressed on me that the best interpreters do not necessarily translate what I say literally, but express what I say in a way that will be understood clearly in their own language. As the principle of a Bible College, among several other aspects of ministry, I have always been deeply concerned that any version of the New Testament should be accurate. But I have also been acutely aware that people will only translate God's Word into action in their lives if they clearly understand its meaning and implications for them personally.

"I mentioned these things so that you can understand the principles behind this particular version, 'The Truth'. Any translation inevitably involves a certain amount of interpretation. There are two types of translation available today. Some are strict word by word or phrase by phrase translations. These are accurate translation of the original Greek text, but do not necessarily draw out the meaning of the text. On the other extreme are modern paraphrases which are certainly edifying but often seem to depart from the original. I believe that God wanted me to chart a middle course between these two extremes. I sought to do this by first translating the text literally, and then asking the questions, 'What does this mean? How would you express this in today's world, with the modern mindset that people have?'

"It seemed an awesome task to maintain accuracy with the Greek text and yet have the freedom to expand the translation where necessary so that it can be readily understood. This I have done by sometimes giving the literal translation of the Greek followed by another phrase that puts the same truth in another way that can be readily appreciated by the reader. I sensed the Lord encouraging me in this by reminding me frequently that this exactly what a good preacher does. He reads the Word and explains it. Yet this had to be done without turning this edition into either a commentary or a study Bible! The text needed to be easily readable and readily understood."

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About Kingdom Faith

Kingdom Faith is a multi-faceted ministry that originally formed around the apostolic ministry of Colin Urquhart. For over thirty years Kingdom Faith has enjoyed a continual move of the Holy Spirit, including periods of genuine revival that have had a wide impact far beyond the ministry itself. The many books written by Colin Urquhart express the emphases and life-style of Kingdom Faith, faith in God's Word and obedience to the leading of the Holy Spirit. The main focus is on the Kingdom of God, where Jesus placed the emphasis during His ministry. The revivals experienced have been based on key elements of the Kingdom that God wants to see reproduced in the whole of His church: love, faith and holiness. This is the life-style that results from the corporate anointing now upon Kingdom Faith and that is expressed in the various aspects of its ministry, which are:

Kingdom Faith Church:

Kingdom Faith Church Horsham

The main apostolic congregation meets in the National Revival Centre in Horsham. West Sussex, with Clive Urquhart as the Senior Pastor. This is a church intent on reaching the world locally, nationally and internationally, with the gospel of Jesus Christ. This is an exciting church to be part of and has the benefit of a strong leadership team working together in unity. The church has many different evangelistic and compassion ministries. Kingdom Faith has planted other congregations in Britain and many other churches in Britain and overseas are in covenant relationship with Kingdom Faith. Through this covenant, Kingdom Faith seeks to serve and encourage these churches in the same biblical principles on which Kingdom Faith is based, God's Word and Spirit working together in the lives of individual believers and of the church corporately.

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 Kingdom Faith Training College:

Kingdom Faith Training College

For over twenty-five years students from Britain and many other nations from around the world have been trained at this college for a variety of ministries in the Body of Christ. Some students have been used to bring revival to their nations. People have literally come from the nations and have been sent by God to the nations! Being predominantly a residential college, students are personally discipled to live what they are taught. A strong move of the Spirit takes place in the college every year, reflecting Kingdom Faith's experience of revival. The lives of students are radically transformed by the relationships they develop with the Lord. The college is blessed by enjoying the anointing of God's presence in its worship, teaching and outreach.

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Faith Camp:

Faith Camp

Kingdom Faith's summer event - Faith Camp - has taken place for over twenty-five years and attracts over 6,000 participants of all ages. These weeks of teaching and ministry are renowned for the ways in which people meet with God through the strong anointing on the worship that Kingdom Faith enjoys, and the way the power of the Holy Spirit impacts their lives. Several churches bring sizeable groups because of the impact that results on the whole of their congregational life. In one week the church can move on significantly with God that would not otherwise have been possible. Hundreds of people come from other nations as well as from all over Britain. They expect to meet with God, even in miraculous ways.

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The purpose of Kingdom Faith:

All connected with Kingdom Faith are devoted to serving the Lord faithfully in fulfilling the commission He has given us to see His Kingdom come and His will done on earth as in heaven. This they do by seeking to live the gospel, knowing their dependence on the Lord, but aware that He lives in them to work through them for His honour and glory. They are aware that it is of vital importance to honour the Lord in all things! We praise God for His infinite mercy and grace that enables us and we pray that we will remain faithful in fulfilling His call on our lives.

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